Commercial Agreements



Additional Landgate Fees payable if we need to lodge the Mortgage at Landgate.

Additional $770 payable for a second mortgage as we will need to arrange for Deed of Priority with the first mortgagee


Preparation and Lodgement of Caveat

Additional Landgate Fees payable if we need to lodge the Mortgage at Landgate.

Additional Fees payable for other documents such as loan document required to evidence the caveatable interest


Deed of Acknowledgement of Debt

Simple Deed between two natural personsAdditional $195 if preparation of Caveat required, together with Landgate registration Fee payable for the lodgement of caveat


Withdrawal of Caveat

Additional Landgate registration Fee payable for lodgement of on withdrawal of Caveat. Additional $198 if settlement attendance required to hand over withdrawal of caveat in exchange for collection of payout


Loan Agreement


Sale of Shares Agreement (for non land rich company)

Additional $385 if company is land rich and an Assessment by the Office of State Revenue is required


Sale of Assets Agreement

Additional $99 if the agreement is required to be stamped at the Office of State Revenue


Deed of Guarantee and Indemnity


Shareholder Agreement


Solicitors Guarantee Certificate

Some financial institutions require borrowers or guarantors to obtain independent legal advice as a condition of their loans. We will review your loan documents and issue certificates of independent legal advice. Documents to be provided a minimum of 24 hours prior.

$440.00 per person or $605.00 per couple

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