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About Us


Vicki Philipoff Settlements has found that our clients often ask for a legal solution to meet their needs. It seems only fitting that our next step has been to establish an appropriate legal service to further enhance our client services capabilities.


Welcome to Philipoff Legal - providing legal solutions with ease.


Jolene Ashworth is the Principal Solicitor of Philipoff Legal and runs the team.


Jolene is a graduate from the University of Western Australia in 2006 and holds Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce Degrees.  She was admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor in Western Australia in 2007, and recently to the High Court of Australia.


Having worked in private practice for small, medium and large law firms, Jolene has ample and wide-ranging transactional experience with both residential and commercial properties.  Jolene has practiced in general practice law firms and has garnered experience in the areas of Property, Contract, Land, Trusts, Superannuation, Leases, Wills and Estate Planning and the Administration of Deceased Estates, Sale of Real Estate and Business Settlements, Retail Centre and Commercial Leasing


In addition to English, Jolene speaks Mandarin and is also fluent in Hokkien.


Call us on (08) 6311 4838 or email


Schedule of Hourly Rates:


Senior Lawyers with more than 5 years post-admission experience  - $495.00 ph


Lawyers with more than 2 years post-admission experience  - $330.00 ph


Junior Lawyer with less than 2 years of post admission experience - $220.00 ph


Paralegal or Law Graduate - $220.00 ph



Not our specialty?


When using a law firm, it's important to make an informed decision on which practitioner would best suit your needs.  We can't all be experts in everything, so if your matter is not of a strictly commercial nature, we can help by recommending independent firms we have dealt with in the past, such as:


John Hammond

Hammond Legal

Samantha Baily

Baily Family Law


Paola Lovi (Mediation)

0407 989 573


Butcher Paull & Calder

Taxation and Commercial Litigation


We want to ensure our client's receive the best possible service, and if we can't help you, we may know someone who can.

© 2015 Philipoff Legal. All rights Reserved. Liability limited by a Scheme approved under the Professional Standards Legislation.


Legal Practitioner Director: Jolene Ashworth  Non Legal Practitioner Director: Vicki Philipoff            

Philipoff Legal is an associated company of Vicki Philipoff Settlements                         

Philipoff Legal Pty Ltd (ACN 603 095 165) trading as Philipoff Legal (ABN 40 603 095 165)


32 Delhi Street, West Perth WA 6005


P O Box 1800, West Perth WA 6872


T (+618) 6311 4838


F +618 6323 1825

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